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john_movinon's Journal

John "Pyro" Allerdyce
5 May 1988
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[Player's Note: This is a highly AU version of John "Pyro" Allderdyce, loosely based of X2, as well as nearly 4 years of RPing with different interactions and plots that have developed him much beyond what is presented in the movies. Please read below for a brief summary if you're interested in seeing how this John is different. Thank you!]

John Allerdyce Information

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Name: John Allerdyce
Alias: Pyro
Former Affiliations: Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning (inactive); Brotherhood of Mutants (inactive); Freedom Force (inactive)
Current Affiliations: None.
Job: Works at the Cassidy Heath Center. Freelance.
DOB: May 5th, 1988
Age: 22
Residence: New York City
Relations: Mother - Katherine Allerdyce-Baker (deceased); Father - unknown; Kevin Baker - stepfather (estranged)
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: light brown
Powers: pyrokinesis – control over fire. Can manipulate but not create it.
Equipment: Flame Throwers, lighters. Any spark is sufficient for manipulation.
Residence:New York City, New York.
Relationship Status: Married to Douglas Ramsey (doug_ramsey) and Jean-Paul Beaubier (speed_of_snark) (Triad relationship.)

Personal Life: John's mother, Katherine Allerdyce, moved them from Australia when he was only about three months old. She was a single mother until she married Kevin Baker when John was the age of nine. His mutation manifested on his thirteenth birthday, and within the week, he had run away from home. He lived on the streets until he was nearly sixteen years old, when he was approached and offered admission to an all-mutant boarding school, Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning.

When he was seventeen years old, the school was attacked, and John and other students fled under the protection of Logan (aka Wolverine). It was during that situation that John met Magneto for the first time. When John wanted to go inside to help his fellow students and teachers, he instead left with Magneto, and joined the Brotherhood. He became Pyro, and he believed himself to be a 'political activist', and a soldier in Magneto's army, fighting to advance mutant rights.

Personal life continued (start of RPverse)

In early 2007, Pyro (18) re-met Douglas Ramsey (17), another student at the school. There was an instant attraction, and the two mutant teens started dating, despite Pyro's affiliation with the Brotherhood, and Doug's connections to Xavier's and the X-Men. They went through a lot that year, including Doug's being framed for murder and being incarcerated in a mutant-holding facility. John (with the help of others) broke Doug out of the containment cell, and the two of them rounded off 2007 by living as fugitives and hiding out.

In January 2008, Pyro was approached by a secret government agency, The Freedom Force, and was offered a job. He and Doug Ramsey would be given full pardons, along with other perks, if Pyro went back to the Brotherhood and spied on them, and assisted in bringing them down and having them arrested. That very same weekend, John learned his mother was dying, and saw her one last time before she passed on. For her, and for Doug, Pyro agreed to the deal - even though in doing so, he had to go undercover, and also had to break up with Doug to make it convincing. In February 2008, members of the Brotherhood (Magneto, Toad, and Avalanche) were captured, and Pyro's 'work' (or betrayal, depending how it is perceived) went public, and John Allerdyce became a member of the Freedom Force.

In March 2008, Doug and John got back together. However, they were only together a brief time before Toad, who had broken out of the WeaponX facility he had been taken to, exacted his revenge on John. He used magic to poison John, and the Freedom Force pronounced him as 'dead' as he raced around the world trying to find a cure. John's Freedom Force partner, Ste Jones, accompanied him but died on the mission. After that, John went back to Doug and revealed himself, and the two of them continued on the search for the cure. When they thought they'd lost all hope, John came back to New York City, and revealed it to his friends, many of whom took it badly though many of them were caring and supportive. Especially John's best friend, Jean-Paul Beaubier, who lived with John and Doug during their hard time. Even though he almost died, John made a full recovery.

Since then, John has been trying to get his life back together, as well as move on from his past with the Brotherhood. He started working with JP and his friend Terry with their Cassidy Health Center for Mutants non-profit organization, and he and Jean-Paul are in the works of creating a shelter/drop-in center for runaway teens.

On July 1st, John, Doug, and Jean-Paul moved their friendships to the next level, entering a 'triad' relationship. John now considers Doug his partner, and Jean-Paul his boyfriend.

John and Jean-Paul named their shelter the Saj Wayside House, after John's Freedom Force partner, Stephen (Ste) Andrew Jones. Saj became operational on Oct 1st, 2008.

On July 1st 2010, John, Doug, and Jean-Paul got married in a ceremony on Genosha. They continue to live in New York.

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THE CONTENT OF THIS JOURNAL IS FICTION. It is a character journal. The ideas and beliefs of the character do not necessarily reflect those of the writer. It is FICTION and NOT REAL.

CHARACTERIZATION: John "Pyro" Allerdyce is based on movieverse. He is mostly played post-X2, and I just pretend that X3 didn't really happen. There is a Magneto (who is more based off the comics) that Pyro used to be RPed with and was once part of his Brotherhood, but is no longer. I guess it's safe to say that this journal, and his older journal (john_ispyro) and the characters/other muses he interacts with is my John's's version of X3.

WARNING: This journal may contain mature content. All posts will be labeled accordingly. If you're not supposed to be reading it, don't.